Case Study 3
Case Study 3

Indiana University

Bay Dynamics was selected to collaborate with Indiana University, , to create a custom hybrid ROV / AUV unit.

This ROV was installed with an Invidia AI system capable of detecting and navigating around objects on its own. Combined with a new non-accoustic tracking system, created by IU, this ROV was capable of operating on a tether for live feedback in ROV mode, or autonomously in AUV mode via its onboard computers.

Specs included:

  • Dual Battery capacity of 36Ah
  • Tilt adjustable M750d Multibeam Sonar
  • Custom Stereo ranging cameras
  • Integrated Starfish 453 Side Scan Sonar
  • Nvidia Xavier onboard PC
  • HD Navigation Camera
  • Tether Disconnect and Power switches
  • Multi Channel Lighting
  • Mechanically stabilised with 6DOF

This system is now in use by Indiana Universities Marine Engineering department.