Case Study 2
Case Study 2

Bay Dynamics

The BD-2 ROV was designed specifically for flooded Hydro Tunnel inspections with a number of different configurations available depending on the type of data capture required. Tether range available up to 5000m.

Specs include:

  • Battery capacity of 72Ah for duration dives exceeding 10 hours
  • Front & Rear Navigation HD cameras
  • Options for up to 12 Lights
  • Options for up to 4 additional cameras
  • 4 Channel Ethernet Ports
  • 10Gb/s Fibre Optic Topside communications
  • 4 Survey Ports for serial data RS485 / RS232
  • Universal Payload bay 
  • Survey Grade Altimeter
  • Survey Grade Gyro
  • Integrated HD Multibeam Navigation Sonar
  • Manipulator Options
  • Integrated Photogrammetry Stereo Cameras
  • 360 Profiling Sonar

This ROV is currently in use by Bay Dynamics’ own Operations Team around NZ for a range of hydropower companies.