Case Study 1
Case Study 1

Robertson Environmental, Nelson

Bay Dynamics was employed by Robertson Environmental, , to create a system specific for Seabed Surveys while flying along predetermined Transect survey lines.

A base BlueROV2 was selected and a number of upgrades conducted to make the unit more fit for commercial purposes.

These upgrades included:

  • Tether Disconnect, for easier transport options.
  • External Power Switch, for easier power management in the field.
  • Disconnectable thrusters, for quick swapping of any damaged thrusters in the field should they get damaged.
  • Ping Altimeter, for measuring the ROV distance above the seabed.
  • USBL Tracker, for tracking exact ROV position while submerged.
  • Laser Scaler, for the ability to reference the size of any objects of interest including sealife.
  • Corporate Branding, for greater visual appeal for promotion of their services.