ISA500 Altimeter & Echo Sounder, 4000m

The ISA500 underwater Altimeter & Echo Sounder provides exceptionally long range measurement capability – in excess of 120 meters.  In addition to providing exceptionally long range capability, the unit has a 1mm accuracy – allowing precision underwater distance measurements to be made.


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Optionally, the ISA500 can also be provided with an integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS).  This provides highly stable Heading, Pitch and Roll readings.


Altitude & Echo Sounding

The ISA500 utilises sonar technology to derive distance measurement.

Operating by default at 500kHz, the unit utilises a broadband composite transducer and electronics together with an advanced digital acoustic engine.  The combination of these enable the unit to achieve long range and high accuracy.

The unit can be operated at any frequency from 400 to 600kHz – ideal for different applications or operating in conjunction with other hydro-acoustic or sonar equipment.

Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS)

Optionally available on the ISA500 is an integrated Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) providing Heading, Pitch & Roll.

The AHRS is based on Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-System (MEMS) based technology.

Within the ISA500 there are three MEMS based Gyros, Accelerometers & Magnetometers.  The outputs from each of these MEMS devices are fused together, providing highly stable Heading, Pitch & Roll.

The Heading is highly resilient against temporary magnetic interferes.  This is aided by a soft and hard iron calibration feature once the unit has been installed on the ROV, AUV or other underwater application.

One Device – Many Applications


Provides Altitude readings from 120 meters above the seabed.  Also provides Heading, Pitch & Roll.  Can emulate any other device – making integration into any ROV or AUV very easy.Reduce the equipment required to provide Altitude, Heading, Pitch & Roll by using a single ISA500 unit.

Distance Measurement

Measure distance to a target underwater.  Using the multi-echo capability, measure the distance to and between multiple targets.Measure distance to a target underwater.  Using the multi-echo capability, measure the distance to and between multiple targets.

Equipment Deployment
Monitor the height off the seabed together with the Pitch, Roll and Heading of the equipment.  Provides a clear understanding of equipment position and attitude.
Flooded Member Detection
The ISA500 provides the ideal sensor for detecting flooded members underwater. The high accuracy and sensitivity of the unit allows a precise and accurate check to be conducted. Within seaView a dedicated FMD application is provided. The FMD application provides all that is required to conduct, log and report on underwater flooded members.
Sediment Monitoring
Using the seaView software, conduct single beam echo sounder survey and monitor the build up and movement of sediment.
Magnetometer & Towfish
Monitor Altitude above the seabed and also the Pitch, Roll and Heading of the Magnetometer or Towfish.
Using the seaView software, conduct full single beam echo sounder surveys and automatically generate a 3D subsea terrain map.