ISP2 Subsea Housing

ISP2 is ideal for use as an instrumentation housing, control or battery pod.

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Introducing the ISP2

Provided with bespoke end caps the ISP2 is ideal for use as an instrumentation housing, control or battery pod.

Lightweight and of a large diameter ensures that the ISP2 housing is suitable for a large variety of subsea applications, including installation to a AUV or ROV.

Within the housing, room has been provided for inclusion of electronics and/or batteries.

The ISP2 can be provided with an integrated Depth sensor, AHRS, battery holder, differential pressure sensor or a variety of other components – contact us to discuss your requirements.

Body & Endcap

The body and endcaps areconstructed from Aluminium (7075-T6) which is then hard anodised.  This grade of Aluminium is ideal for high pressure environments due to its strength and for underwater operations due to its light weight.  The endcaps can optionally be supplied in Titanium if required.

The end cap is retained in place with multiple stainless steel screws.  The end cap can support a variety of underwater connectors.

One Housing – Many Applications

Data Logger

The viewport is ideal for indication LEDs.  Significant space is provided for batteries, electronics etc.  Connectors can be used for data transfer.

Battery Pod

Create you own subsea batter pod – chose the batteries of choice for your application.  Room for electronics, batteries, logger etc.


Instrument Package

Create your own instrument package and house in the ISP1.  Viewport provides capability for a camera, led display or visual readout.