Case Study 2

The BD-2 ROV was designed specifically for flooded Hydro Tunnel inspections with a number of different configurations available depending on the type of data capture required. Tether range available up to 5000m. Specs include: Battery capacity of 72Ah for duration dives exceeding 10 hours Front & Rear Navigation HD cameras Options for up to 12 […]

Case Study 3

Bay Dynamics was selected to collaborate with Indiana University, , to create a custom hybrid ROV / AUV unit. This ROV was installed with an Invidia AI system capable of detecting and navigating around objects on its own. Combined with a new non-accoustic tracking system, created by IU, this ROV was capable of operating […]

Case Study 1

Bay Dynamics was employed by Robertson Environmental, , to create a system specific for Seabed Surveys while flying along predetermined Transect survey lines. A base BlueROV2 was selected and a number of upgrades conducted to make the unit more fit for commercial purposes. These upgrades included: Tether Disconnect, for easier transport options. External Power […]