The world’s most lightweight, dexterous, and smart robotic manipulator for portable ROV operators.


on leading Remotely Operated Vehicles

Revolutionary robotic arms for subsea inspection


With high accuracy (0.1°) joint positioning and patented sealed actuators, Reach Alpha is the ultimate lightweight manipulator for portable ROV operators in the new era of close inspection and complex intervention.
Reach Alpha specifications


  • All Electric & quick to integrate
  • Patented joint and sealing mechanism
  • Best-in-class module interlock strength, speed, robustness
  • Internal temperature/vacuum monitoring
  • Low backlash susceptibility
    Leak detection for peace of mind before launching vehicle.
  • Back-drivable drivetrain
  • Collision protection through active compliance

GPS Navigator

The GPS Navigator is a handheld underwater computer designed to assist Search & Rescue, commercial and research divers navigate between pre-determined underwater waypoints and give them access to a GPS based position fix.

Artemis System

Artemis is a modular handheld console that can be configured as a diver target detection sonar and GPS underwater navigation aid.  

Artemis PRO System

ARTEMIS PRO is designed to assist divers navigate underwater or perform seabed surveying and location of objects on the seabed.

X010 Mini Modem Transponder Beacon

SeaTrac X010 mini-transponder beacon and acoustic modem

X110 modem Trasnponder Beacon

SeaTrac X110 transponder beacon and acoustic modem

X150 USBL Transponder Beacon

SeaTrac X150 Micro-USBL tracking beacon


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