Underwater ROV Grippers & Grabbers

A high clamping force and strong load rating make these units the lightweight subsea grabbers of choice for portable ROVs operating at a high tempo in tough environments. They are the best solution for operators conducting Special Recovery Operations (SRO), salvage, intervention and everyday retrieval tasks up to 300-450m depth.


Grab with Confidence

Optimised for rough use in harsh conditions, Blueprint Lab’s high-performance ROV grippers are designed for mission critical industries including offshore energy, military, and first responders. A comprehensive tool set multiplies the capability of the grabber with a cutter, and variety of retrieval jaw types. Features include:
  • Built for harsh environments – 300-450m Depth Rating
  • Corrosion and scratch-resistant anodized aluminium
  • Adjustable grab force – pick up a sea urchin or cut a cable
  • Active Compliance – enables safe lifting of unbalanced, heavy objects and optimises the stability of the ROV
  • Quick change End-Effector (Options: Standard, Quad Jaws, Parallel Jaws, Rope Cutter)
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Undervoltage/overvoltage protection


See the Bravo Rotating Grabber in action

With high clamp-force and a 360° continuous rotation, the Bravo Rotating Grabber expands opportunities in the compact inspection and intervention landscapes. Paired here with the Bravo Cable Cutter, this unit is a powerful tool for severing tangled lines and subsea recovery operations.

Grabbers Recovery Success

Tough and Reliable

A Reach Alpha Rotating Grabber (RA-2130) is used during a search and rescue test conducted by the Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART). Watch as the grabber enables complex underwater recovery during the simulated emergency scenario.

Reach Alpha

Reach Alpha tooling options

Reach Bravo

Bravo End-Effectors


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