Professional ROV Operations We specialise in ROV services for all industries.

Bay Dynamics operates an advanced ROV system built in house by our own engineering team combining the best technology from around the world and our suppliers combined with our Operations teams experience from the Offshore Oil & Gas industry to bring accurate and professional ROV services to New Zealand and the Pacific.


With the growing costs of diving operations ROVs can be a great alternative for many tasks including Net Inspection, cleaning, stock health checks, water data measurements and more.

Bay Dynamics ROV employs a Certified 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller to certify inspections for Insurance Companies with the ability to live stream to auditors or encrypt data for post dated analysis.

Regular net condition assessments along with maintenance procedure documents can lower insurance premiums and give piece of mind for asset owners.


Our ROV system can be deployed to a depth of 500m from a vessel as small as 10m for duration dives up to 6 hours at a time and can handle high currents for not only operations but also launch and deploy. Combined with our USBL tracking, multibeam sonar, multiple HD & 4K camera combined with our dual manipulator ability, we are ready to assist any offshore operation.

To ensure we can provide professional inspection services produced to international standards and formats while ensuring full QA controls are followed, we employ a full time 3.4U+C Underwater Inspection Controller who undertakes regular training in a best practice zero-harm safe manner.




Bay Dynamics ROV comes with two manipulators, one 3 function and one 5 function. This allows us unmatched interaction with our environment in a small package. Our crew are trained in advanced underwater rope and hookup techniques and experienced working with cranes and deck crews.

With our advanced underwater tracking and scanning technology we can locate and identify submerged objects quickly with the ability to model those objects for creating accurate lift plans and procedures if needed.


At Bay Dynamics we are committed to being involved with marine science research wherever we can. With our tracking and 4K & HD camera systems we can quickly identify fish species and produce accurate location plotting. We can also model any coral or objects for accurate measurement and analysis.

Our ROV has optional depth limited scientific sensors to measure Ph, ORP, Conductivity, DO, Temperature & Pressure. These measurements can be viewed live at surface or stored for post job analysis. We have soil and water sampling tools combined with dredging abilities to get under surface sediment coming soon. Because we design and build our own systems, we can customise for any job requirements. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the data they need quickly and accurately.


Our knowledge on structures allows to us to best plan access and operations in and around any civil or private infrastructure such as dams, dens, hulls, wharves, and large holding tanks. Our technology allows us the ability to not only inspect but also model and report on any anomalies or defects that may be found in a formalised reporting system.

Our crew are certified for working at heights and experienced gaining access in difficult spots. Our ROV system allows for easy deployment to remote locations and requires only a small footprint to operate. We can also deploy by helicopter. If needed all data and video can be streamed live via LTE to company offices or management locations.


We have partnered with one of the world’s best subsea modelling companies, Dimensional Eye, to bring advanced engineering level photogrammetry models using their patented and certified software. Combined with our ROVs 4K, HD, and Laser technology we can generate 3D models for accurate measurement, analysis, and job planning for any subsea work.

Bay Dynamics does not require any additional survey equipment to produce Metrology grade surveys for future engineering designs. Our service can measure the smallest defects in equipment. These models can be rendered for analysis or exported to CAD software for technical drawings. VR viewing of any surveyed areas is always available for any model.