NaviSuite Mobula Pro (Blue Robotics)Advanced software for efficient ROV piloting and high-quality data deliverables

NaviSuite Mobula Sonar (Blue Robotics)

NaviSuite Mobula is a plug-and-play ROV control and inspection software, allowing operators to plan and perform inspections efficiently – and enabling automation. With a variety of variants of this software bundle available, you can pick the one best tailored to your needs and budget.

The software provides high-performing features focusing on automated steering and inspection

Depending on the variant, these features can include assisted and automated steering modes; real-time quality control tools; real-time data displays and overlays; 3D model visualisations; observation logging; as well as automatic data cleaning. The end-result is extensive deliverables with high-quality inspection data.

The NaviSuite Mobula software bundle includes four variants. The NaviSuite Mobula Pro variant supports ROV inspections all the way from steering to data delivery and allows for…

  • Excellent ROV control through joystick steering in six degrees of freedom, as well as automatic and assisted steering with modes that include going to a selected waypoint, moving a defined distance and direction, scanning quay walls, orbiting a target, as well as holding a position
  • Data acquisition with a variety of sensors including multi-beam echo sounder, scanning/mechanical imaging sonar, multi-beam imaging sonar, scanning/profiling echo sounder and laser scanner (multi-head), as well as support for positioning with GPS, DVL, INS and USBL
  • Configurable user interface and simultaneous data displays increasing situational awareness
  • Comprehensive data deliverables, such as fly-by videos and observation logs


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