Blueprint Subsea 

Artemis PRO System

ARTEMIS PRO is designed to assist divers navigate underwater or perform seabed surveying and location of objects on the seabed.

Artemis System

Artemis is a modular handheld console that can be configured as a diver target detection sonar and GPS underwater navigation aid.  

GPS Navigator

The GPS Navigator is a handheld underwater computer designed to assist Search & Rescue, commercial and research divers navigate between pre-determined underwater waypoints and give them access to a GPS based position fix.

Oculus M1200d Multibeam Sonar

Offering the highest resolution in the M-series range, the Oculus M1200d operates at both 1.2MHz and 2.1MHz

Oculus M370d Multibeam Sonar

With a 200m range capability, the single-frequency Oculus M370s is a cost effective alternative to traditional mechanically scanned sonars, typically being used for long range navigation and situational awareness.

Oculus M750d Multibeam Sonar

The Oculus M750d is a general purpose dual-frequency sonar offering up to 120 metre range capability at 750kHz, and 40 metre at 1.2MHz

Starfish 450F Towed Sidescan Sonar

StarFish 450F is the affordable high performance towed side scan sonar which produces spectacular images of the seabed. The compact hydrodynamic full body three-fin design improves stability of the sonar while its being towed which helps further improve the quality of images it produces.

Starfish 450H Core Hull Mounted Sidescan System

StarFish 450H is the affordable high performance hull-mounted side scan sonar which produces spectacular images of the seabed.

Starfish 452F Advanced Towed Sidescan Sonar

The StarFish 452F Side Scan Sonar competes with many larger commercial systems producing spectacular images of the seabed, and includes intuitive software with a variety of data export options.

Starfish 990F Advanced Towed Sidescan Sonar

The ultimate high resolution StarFish side scan sonar for extreme image definition and target detection.

X010 Mini Modem Transponder Beacon

SeaTrac X010 mini-transponder beacon and acoustic modem

X110 modem Trasnponder Beacon

SeaTrac X110 transponder beacon and acoustic modem

X150 USBL Transponder Beacon

SeaTrac X150 Micro-USBL tracking beacon