Binder 770 Bulkhead Connector

This Binder 770 bulkhead connector is our standard for tether connections above the water. This connector can be mounted in a spare hole on the FXTI for your custom connections.

Binder 770 Plug

This Binder 770 connector is our standard for tether connections above the water. Some assembly with soldering required for installation.

Camera Analogue PAL – Low Light

This analog camera has incredible low-light sensitivity, 700 TVL resolution, wide-angle field-of-view, and a standard PAL video output.

Camera HD – USB – Low Light

This digital HD USB camera has excellent low-light performance, on board compression, and a specially chosen lens to provide fantastic video quality on ROVs and other subsea applications!

Camera Tilt System

This camera tilt system provides up/down pitch tilting for a camera and attaches directly to the 4″ Series Electronics Tray. Used on the BlueROV2.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC), 30A, R3

A simple electronic speed controller for the T100 and T200 Thrusters. This new R3 version is based on the BLHeli ESC design with upgraded features and performance!

Fathom S Tether Interface Board – Set

The Fathom-S boards provide low-latency video, a serial port connection, and remote power on/off switch for tethers of 300+m length. Use with the Fathom tether or a Cat5+ network cable.

Fathom X Tether Interface Board – Set

The Fathom-X boards provide a robust high-speed, long-distance Ethernet connection over a single pair of wires. Enables HD video and high-bandwidth data over 300m+ tether lengths.

I2C Level Converter

The I2C Level Converter allows you the run 3.3v logic sensors like the Bar30 or Celsius and other accessories off of a 5v logic device like the Arduino Uno!

Leak Sensor

The SOS Leak Sensor can detect water leaking into an improperly sealed Watertight Enclosure quickly and reliably, before any major damage can occur!

Lithium Battery Charger

The Lithium Battery Charger is a high power 300W AC/DC balance charger for most battery chemistries, and is perfect for the high capacity Blue Robotics lithium-ion battery!

Lithium-Ion Battery ( 14.8V, 18Ah )

The Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18,000Ah) is a high capacity custom battery pack made from high quality 18650 lithium-ion cells designed for use in the BlueROV2, and fits perfectly inside a 3″ Watertight Enclosure!

Subsea LED Indicator

This Subsea LED Indicator light comes in four colors and provides a high pressure on/off or status indicator light.

Subsea Switch

This Switch allows you to turn a circuit on and off inside a watertight enclosure without needing to open it! Handles up to 5A.

Thruster Commander

The Thruster Commander makes it easy to get started with our thrusters and speed controllers. It comes with a control unit, potentiometers, knobs, cables, and terminal blocks to get thrusting quickly!

Water Detect Probes

These extra probes for your SOS Leak Sensor let you get to those hard to reach places in your watertight enclosure! You can choose from extra 6″, 12″ or 6″ four headed probes for you leak detection setup.