SS422 Color Zoom Camera

SIDUS Solutions’ SS422 At the heart of this powerful tool is a 470 TVL color camera module encompassing a 36x optical zoom lens, 12x digital zoom (432x combined) and a 1/4 in EXview HAD CCD imaging sensor.

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This modern camera permits electronic photographic images to be captured resulting in far better quality output than images captured from standard video grabber methods. Video output can be provided in NTSC, PAL, or S-VHS (Y/C) formats and can be delivered over a remotely adjustableinternal long-line amplier. The SS422 possesses controllable features including iris, focus, mirror imaging and adjustable zoom and shutter speeds. Standard features such as auto focus and auto exposure can be overridden manually providing further control over the inspection process. is a robust inspection tool equipped with instrumental functions not found in other models on the market today. The SS422’s design is compact making installation easy. It’s power-packed features make operation painless and rewarding.